Urban Natured references the potential and determination of a self-driven individual for who they are and what they can become. Committed to achieve the unthinkable, we rise as a group against intolerance. We act through self-expression. We strive for the kind of perfection thought hard to achieve. We are bound by society, acknowledged through nations, and commended worldwide. We are not just a brand. We are the City Raised Group.


Urban Natured is a culture and a way of life. We are a multi platform, multimedia, and fashion company, comprised of three pillars: fashion, philanthropic work, and a creative collective. We bring any idea to life through a number of services ranging but not limited to: cinematography, video production, creative and art direction, branding, Urban Natured Clothing, interior design, event coordination, and much more.

Originally started as fashion brand, UN has transformed itself into a collective of all forms of art and media. With consumers in over 12 countries worldwide, Urban Natured has begun to create a culture of its own, having followers and supporters who buy into the lifestyle of the brand, and call themselves the City Raised Group. Using their unique imagination and vision as well as years of experience and education, Urban Natured can create and bring any story to life which will connect and resonate with the masses.


The mission is to create a company that brings together the most innovative and creative minds from around the world together to do just that,innovate and create. We want to make the world a better place through design and art. Fashion is a vessel we have and will continue to use to connect with people throughout the world. But we will not only use it as a vessel but also will innovative and make an impact on the fashion industry.